San Antonio Radiant Barrier Non-Absorbing Insulation

Send Radiant Heat Back Where it Came From

Save up to 35% annually on your energy bills
Improve your home’s comfort
Reflect & block up to 97% of radiant heat transfer from your attic
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Save Up To 35% On Your Energy Bill

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on Green Energy Radiant Barrier

Limited Time only. Offer valid for projects of 1,500 sq ft or more. Offers may not be combined.

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Green Energy Aluminum Radiant Barrier

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Valid for Projects of 1,500 sq ft or more. May not be combined with any other offer.

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Bandera Electric Cooperative customers get 0% interest for 10 years on radiant barriers and window replacement services from Green Energy of San Antonio

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Green Energy Radiant Barrier

Limited Time only. Offer valid for projects of 1,500 sq ft or more and only on the Green Energy Radiant Barrier. Offers may not be combined.


Bandera Electric Cooperative customers get 0% interest for 10 years on radiant barriers and window replacement services from Green Energy of San Antonio

Sponsored by the Bandera Electric Cooperative

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Lifetime Warranty

On Green Energy Copperflect Radiant Barrier

Green Energy Radiant Barrier™ is the only radiant barrier on the market with a lifetime warranty!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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We are very pleased with the radiant barrier we had Green Energy install in our attic. We have definitely noticed a difference in the closets that the attics are connected too. We had an issue with the upstairs AC unit after install and Green Energy responded immediately even though it was after 8pm. The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. Personal and responsive, professional service. The value will continue to tally up as the years go by. Thank you to the Green Energy team!

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We had a mid-grade radiant barrier installed and also had some insulation blown in over our garage, which has never had any the entire time that we have lived in this house. They did an excellent job and I can definitely notice a difference in how much less hot it gets in our garage now. It’s still pretty toasty but not hot enough to bake a cake out there anymore!! We are VERY satisfied with the work that we had done, and would definitely recommend Green Energy to anyone!!! 😁 👍

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Radiant Barrier. After getting quotes for this service we found Green Energy at the Home and Garden show one year. We decided to go with them for the radiant barrier because of their quality product, professionalism and commitment to great work! Thank you Green Energy!

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Mr. Ramos and his grandson came out to talk to us about a radiant barrier and were very professional and  courteous. Really appreciated them giving us options that were in our best interest and not theirs. Needless to say, we were very satisfied with the installation and the product. It’s been three months and we haBe already saved over $200!! I would definitely recommended homeowners to give Mr. Ramos a call if your looking into radiant barriers for your home.

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Six years ago Green Energy installed my radiant barrier, blown-in insulation, and a couple solar powered attic exhaust fans. They did a terrific job and I am still super happy with the outcome. I combined all of this work with replacing my single pane windows with double pane. Immediately my monthly average electric bill dropped from about $425 to about $220 and has remained in that range ever since!

Last week I called them regarding a warranty question. The phone was answered immediately and I received nothing short of superior support. I cannot express exactly how happy I am with Green Energy, even six years after installation!

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I had Green Energy of San Antonio come in and install Radiant Barrier, Soffit vents, and install a ridge vent on my house. They did an excellent job! My house was instantly cooler, and my HVAC system actually turned off. It usually runs non stop during the day because of the temperature outside. Thank you so much for everything!


What is a Radiant Barrier?

State-of-the-art Non-absorbing Insulation That Reflects Radiant Heat

Radiant barrier insulation is installed under the roof to reflect radiant energy, reducing heat transfer into the attic and home. It is more effective than blown-in insulation, reflecting 97% less heat. This improves cooling efficiency and saves homeowners on energy bills. Studies indicate a 35% reduction in cooling costs in warm climates like San Antonio. Green Energy of San Antonio offers radiant barriers for substantial energy bill savings and a cooler home. Radiant barriers are the modern choice for attic insulation, surpassing blown-in insulation. Combining radiant barrier insulation with blown-in insulation can save hundreds of dollars annually. Discover the improved method of insulation below.

San Antonio radiant barrier insulation

Save Up To 35% On Energy Bills

Save Money Keeping the Temperature of Your Home Stable Year-round

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

A radiant barrier keeps your home cooler by reflecting radiant heat from the sun away from your home. Without a radiant barrier, this heat would be radiated from your roof into your attic and the rest of your home.

Regular attic insulation doesn’t prevent heat conduction. It just slows it down. With a radiant barrier installed over your insulation, up to 97% less of this heat is conducted in your attic.

Radiant Heat Energy Hits Your Roof
Radiant Barrier Reflects Heat Back Out
Less Radiant Energy is Conducted in Your Attic
The Temperature of Your Home is Reduced
Radiant Barrier insulation in San Antonio

Benefits of Radiant Barrier

Stay Comfortable Year-Round

Our Copperflect Radiant Barrier is designed to reflect the sun’s radiant heat during the warmer months and trap the interior infrared heat during colder ones.

Get Superior Durability

Copperflect Radiant Barriers from Green Energy of San Antonio are made with 99.99% pure copper that offers the best protection against corrosion, oxidation and aging you can get.

Enhance Your Existing Insulation

Combine the best of both worlds as Copperflect Radiant Barrier can be installed over your existing attic insulation, increasing its R-value and further improving your protection from the heat and cold.

Radiant Barrier insulation in San Antonio

Thinking Of Installing Solar Panels?

Radiant Barrier is an effective tool for reducing your energy consumption. By reflecting heat and preventing it from entering your home, this innovative technology can significantly cut down on your cooling costs. This lower energy use means you may not need as large of a solar panel setup, which results in a lower upfront cost for solar panel installation. Green Energy of San Antonio can help make your home as energy efficient as possible so you can save money on your solar panel installation. Learn more about how you can make your home more energy efficient before solar panel installation with radiant barriers here.

Save Money & Enjoy a Cooler Home with Green Energy Radiant Barrier Insulation from Green Energy of San Antonio

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we install radiant barrier insulation that allows homeowners to save money on their energy bills and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home. Radiant barrier insulation can be installed in conjunction with your existing insulation, further reducing the temperature of your home. To learn more about radiant barrier insulation, reach out to Green Energy of San Antonio using the form on this page, or over the phone today.

“Enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. That’s the GESA promise.”

- Richard Ramos, Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is radiant barrier worth the cost?

When implemented in a hot, sunny climate like San Antonio alongside other energy-saving products like energy-efficient windows and attic insulation, a radiant barrier can help you save as much as 35% on your annual energy bills. It can even allow you to downsize to a smaller HVAC system. These substantial savings will more than pay for the cost of the radiant barrier.

Exactly how much money will a radiant barrier save me?

Heating and cooling often account for over half of your San Antonio energy bills. Saving on those expenses adds up. Because radiant barriers are so effective at stabilizing your home’s temperature, you’re able to drastically reduce energy costs. While actual savings will vary, San Antonio homeowners save up to 35% per year on their bills.

Is copper radiant barrier more effective than aluminum radiant barrier?

Yes. Pure copper starts off at 98% reflective whereas pure aluminum starts off at 97%. Aluminum, copper, silver, and gold are the most heat reflective metals. Copper is more heat reflective than both aluminum and gold, so if you’re going to make a new radiant barrier more reflective, copper is the obvious choice. On top of that, Aluminum corrodes and oxidizes when exposed to water, or just high humidity, losing its reflective surface. This makes copper radiant barriers far more durable than aluminum radiant barriers.

How much cooler will a radiant barrier keep my house during summer?

Radiant barriers are most commonly installed on the roof rafters in the attic because the sun is likely to beat down on the surface of your roof and heat up your house. For people living in hot climates like San Antonio, radiant barrier can lower the temperature in your attic by as much as 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does radiant barrier work during winter?

Blown-in insulation alone does not prevent radiant heat loss entirely, and it only slows down warm air escaping from your main living spaces into your attic. When you install a radiant barrier in your attic, it stops heat from escaping. This makes your home cozy and warm for less during the winter.

What is the R-value of radiant barrier?

Radiant barrier on its own doesn’t have an R-value. R-value is used to classify traditional types of insulation and is a measure of how well the insulating material resists the conductive flow of heat. Green Energy Radiant Barrier™ works by blocking/reflecting heat rather than by absorbing it, as traditional insulation does.

Do radiant barriers work?

Radiant barriers are the ultimate choice for home insulation in warmer climates like San Antonio. In cooler climates, the benefits of radiant barriers aren’t as noticeable. According to the Department of Energy, radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by up to 35%  in a warm, sunny climate like San Antonio, TX. 

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat is the heat transferred from the sun onto individuals and objects. For instance, when your skin still feels hot after walking inside your home on a sunny day, this is a result of radiant heat from the sun.

How do radiant barriers cool a home?

Different materials have different degrees of reflectivity and heat transmission. Roofing materials like shingles, tar, and plywood absorb radiant heat generated from the sun, which is then passed through to the interior deck of your roof, which is typically made of plywood. Plywood emits roughly 82% of the heat it conducts, which then makes your attic hot. With a radiant barrier installed on the underside of your decking, only 3% of the heat your deck conducts will be passed through to your attic. In turn, your attic will be much cooler, and so will the rest of your home as a result.

Will radiant barriers damage my shingles?

Radiant barriers are not capable of damaging your shingles, as radiant barriers only increase the temperature of shingles by 2 to 5 degrees. Considering that roof shingles are anywhere from 150 to 190 degrees on a hot day, this small increase in temperature does not make enough of a difference to the point where it damages your shingles.

Can I install radiant barrier insulation myself?

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we do not recommend performing DIY radiant barrier installation. Even the smallest mistake during radiant barrier installation can result in far less effective insulation. If you’re purchasing Green Energy radiant barriers we highly recommend letting our insulation installation experts handle it.

If I already have other forms of insulation, do I need radiant barriers?

Radiant barriers provide additional insulation to your home in a different way than standard blown-in insulation. Where blown-in insulation absorbs heat, a radiant barrier reflects heat. The real energy savings and additional home cooling come when these 2 forms of insulation are combined. With both radiant barrier and blown-in insulation, the radiant barrier will block up to 97% of the heat transfer, and the blown-in insulation will absorb whatever wasn’t reflected by the radiant barrier. Talk about an energy-saving power couple!

Do radiant barriers affect wifi and cell phone signals?

Since radiant barriers are made out of thin sheets of copper, many people think this will affect the signals of mobile devices, computers, gaming consoles, and anything else that uses WiFi, Bluetooth, or LTE signals. This is not the case, as a radiant barrier is so thin that it will not affect any sort of wireless communication signal.