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Through our top-notch window replacement, attic insulation, and variety of other home services, we help homeowners in San Antonio increase their home value, save money on their energy bills, and increase the performance of their heating and cooling systems.

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We Help You Save Energy & Money

Save Up To 35% On Your Energy Bill



LABOR INCLUDED. $1,510 in savings!

Standard 96 inches or less, no architectural designs, tempered not included, white only. Offers may not be combined.

$300 OFF

Green Energy Aluminum Radiant Barrier

Call Now & We'll Double the Offer to $600 OFF!
Offer Valid for Projects of 1,500 sq ft or more. Can not combine promotions.


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Rates are subject to change. All Payment Factors are estimates. Based on 20 years based on $14,985. This is not an advertisement to extend customer credit as defined in Regulation Z. Approvals are valid for 180 days. Federally Insured by NCUA. Standard 96 inches or less, no architectural designs, tempered not included, white only. Offers may not be combined.

Our Energy Saving Services

Cooler Summers, Warmer Winters with

Green Energy Radiant Barrier Insulation

Blown-in insulation used to be the most efficient way to insulate an attic. Today, making the switch to radiant barrier attic insulation from blown-in insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year. Learn more about the new and improved way of doing insulation below.

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Save up to 35% each year on your energy bills
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Increase the value of your home
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Improve performance of air conditioning & heating systems

Lower Your Energy Bills With

Window Replacement

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, reduce noise pollution within the home, or simply give old and dated windows a facelift, Green Energy Of San Antonio is here for you with our energy-efficient window replacement services.

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Save up to 35% each year on your energy bills
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Increase the value of your home
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Improve performance of air conditioning & heating systems
Attic insulation in San Antonio
Insulate with the power of the Green Energy Radiant Barrier

Attic Insulation

Radiant Barrier insulation is an affordable way to save money on cooling and heating bills. Keep your home’s temperature and energy usage low, and annual savings high with improved attic insulation from Green Energy of San Antonio.

Attic ventilation in San Antonio
Paired with the Green Energy Radiant Barrier

Attic Ventilation

With improved attic ventilation, your attic will be free of excess heat and moisture. Extend the life of your roofing, prevent mold growth, and keep your home cooler with a new attic ventilation system from Green Energy of San Antonio.

water softener in San Antonio
Better Water for Your Family & Appliances

Water Softeners

Most water in the San Antonio area contains hard minerals, like calcium and magnesium. With water softener solutions from Green Energy of San Antonio, you can rid your water of these pesky minerals using the latest and most energy-efficient technology around.

Why Choose Green Energy

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Save Money on Utility Bills

Green Energy of San Antonio’s energy-efficient home services allows San Antonio homeowners to save considerable money on their energy bills each year. By making it easier to keep your home temperatures controlled, you can enjoy big savings when it’s time to pay the bills.

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Increase Home Value

When you choose Green Energy of San Antonio, you’re also choosing a simple solution to increasing the value of your home when it’s time to sell. Energy efficiency and effective cooling systems are big sellers for home buyers, and Green Energy of San Antonio provides exactly that.

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

It requires precious natural resources to cool or heat an entire home. With Green Energy of San Antonio, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home while making it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live. For eco-friendly home improvement solutions, trust Green Energy of San Antonio.

Improve the Efficiency & Comfort of Your San Antonio Home with Our Cost-Effective Solutions

Inside Your Home

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Green Energy of San Antonio Radiant Barrier attic insulation and window replacement services provide a solution to the shortcomings of traditional insulation.
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Our attic radiant barriers reduce summer heat gain and cooling costs!

Outside Your Home

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We help you save on energy with our high quality window replacement products.
*Results may vary depending upon the quality of the customer’s HVAC unit, air ducts, or other similar circumstance that increases energy costs. For optimum results, Green Energy recommends its complete barrier system with adequate attic ventilation.
Energy Efficient home in San AntonioExample of Energy Savings by making your home energy efficient with Green Energy of San Antonio

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are very pleased with the radiant barrier we had Green Energy install in our attic. We have definitely noticed a difference in the closets that the attics are connected too. We had an issue with the upstairs AC unit after install and Green Energy responded immediately even though it was after 8pm. The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. Personal and responsive, professional service. The value will continue to tally up as the years go by. Thank you to the Green Energy team!

Shelly S.

We had a mid-grade radiant barrier installed and also had some insulation blown in over our garage, which has never had any the entire time that we have lived in this house. They did an excellent job and I can definitely notice a difference in how much less hot it gets in our garage now. It’s still pretty toasty but not hot enough to bake a cake out there anymore!! We are VERY satisfied with the work that we had done, and would definitely recommend Green Energy to anyone!!! 😁 👍

Thomas D.

Radiant Barrier. After getting quotes for this service we found Green Energy at the Home and Garden show one year. We decided to go with them for the radiant barrier because of their quality product, professionalism and commitment to great work! Thank you Green Energy!


Mr. Ramos and his grandson came out to talk to us about a radiant barrier and were very professional and  courteous. Really appreciated them giving us options that were in our best interest and not theirs. Needless to say, we were very satisfied with the installation and the product. It’s been three months and we haBe already saved over $200!! I would definitely recommended homeowners to give Mr. Ramos a call if your looking into radiant barriers for your home.


Six years ago Green Energy installed my radiant barrier, blown-in insulation, and a couple solar powered attic exhaust fans. They did a terrific job and I am still super happy with the outcome. I combined all of this work with replacing my single pane windows with double pane. Immediately my monthly average electric bill dropped from about $425 to about $220 and has remained in that range ever since!
Last week I called them regarding a warranty question. The phone was answered immediately and I received nothing short of superior support. I cannot express exactly how happy I am with Green Energy, even six years after installation!


I had Green Energy of San Antonio come in and install Radiant Barrier, Soffit vents, and install a ridge vent on my house. They did an excellent job! My house was instantly cooler, and my HVAC system actually turned off. It usually runs non stop during the day because of the temperature outside. Thank you so much for everything!


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Don't Hesitate, Insulate!

Start Saving Money On Your Energy Bills Today!

When you schedule an estimate with Green Energy of San Antonio, you’re getting your home on the path to improved energy efficiency, heating and cooling performance, and overall comfortability. Enjoy a better place to live, and spend time with family and friends with home improvement from Green Energy of San Antonio. To schedule an estimate, or to learn more about our services, reach out to us today or online and speak to one of our energy-efficient home improvement professionals.

“Enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. That’s the GESA promise.”

- Richard Ramos, Owner

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