Federal Tax Rebates for Energy-Efficient Homes 

At Green Energy of San Antonio, our wide variety of energy-efficient home improvement products, like windows and attic insulation, are eligible for tax rebates from the federal government. These energy efficiency tax rebates for green home improvement products are government incentives aimed at promoting the use of energy-efficient materials in homes and buildings.

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Bandera Electric Cooperative customers get 0% interest for 10 years on radiant barriers and window replacement services from Green Energy of San Antonio

Sponsored by the Bandera Electric Cooperative

Radiant Barrier Insulation 

Thanks to the ENERGY STAR Insulation Tax Credit, radiant barrier attic insulation is eligible for a rebate of up to 30% of the installation cost, up to a maximum of $1200. Enjoy improved comfort by making your home cooler or warmer, and enjoy financial comfort with an additional $1200 when it comes time to file your taxes. Additionally, research indicates that attic radiant barriers can result in up to 20-35% savings on cooling and heating bills in a warm climate. Start saving today by installing radiant barrier insulation in San Antonio with the team at Green Energy of San Antonio. 

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Tax rebate of up to $1200 through the ENERGY STAR Insulation Tax Credit
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Annual savings of up to 20–35% on heating and cooling bills 

Benefits of Radiant Barrier

Stay Comfortable Year-Round

Our Copperflect Radiant Barrier is designed to reflect the sun’s radiant heat during the warmer months and trap the interior infrared heat during colder ones.

Get Superior Durability

Copperflect Radiant Barriers from Green Energy of San Antonio are made with 99.99% pure copper that offers the best protection against corrosion, oxidation and aging you can get.

Enhance Your Existing Insulation

Combine the best of both worlds as Copperflect Radiant Barrier can be installed over your existing attic insulation, increasing its R-value and further improving your protection from the heat and cold.

Radiant Barrier insulation in San Antonio

Save Energy & Money!

Save Up To 35% On Your Energy Bill

$300 OFF

Green Energy Aluminum Radiant Barrier

Call Now & We'll Double the Offer to $600 OFF

Valid for Projects of 1,500 sq ft or more. May not be combined with any other offer.


On Green Energy Copperflect Radiant Barrier

Green Energy Radiant Barrier™ is the only radiant barrier on the market with a lifetime warranty!

No other discounts can be applied.

0% Interest for 10 Years

Bandera Electric Cooperative customers get 0% interest for 10 years on radiant barriers and window replacement services from Green Energy of San Antonio

Sponsored by the Bandera Electric Cooperative
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What Our Customers Are Saying

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We are very pleased with the radiant barrier we had Green Energy install in our attic. We have definitely noticed a difference in the closets that the attics are connected too. We had an issue with the upstairs AC unit after install and Green Energy responded immediately even though it was after 8pm. The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. Personal and responsive, professional service. The value will continue to tally up as the years go by. Thank you to the Green Energy team!

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No longer is our A/C struggling to keep up with the 100+ degree August days and our energy-efficient windows are to thank. Lastly, we live in a dense and sometimes noisy neighborhood with a garage band that sometimes practices next door, so we added on the Sound Reduction package and it made a huge difference helping keep our house quieter.

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We had a mid-grade radiant barrier installed and also had some insulation blown in over our garage, which has never had any the entire time that we have lived in this house. They did an excellent job and I can definitely notice a difference in how much less hot it gets in our garage now. It’s still pretty toasty but not hot enough to bake a cake out there anymore!! We are VERY satisfied with the work that we had done, and would definitely recommend Green Energy to anyone!!! 😁 👍

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Good quality windows at a fair price. The crew who installed the windows for the entire house did an excellent job. Left the job site clean, were fast, and it was a full crew, not just two guys. Fast service and the office staff is very helpful. Highly recommended! Just do it!

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Excellent trustworthy company. Honest & upfront & QUALITY materials. We had all new LowE glass, double-paned windows installed.  Our energy bills have been cut in half! Recommend this professional company to all I come in contact with!

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I had Green Energy of San Antonio come in and install Radiant Barrier, Soffit vents, and install a ridge vent on my house. They did an excellent job! My house was instantly cooler, and my HVAC system actually turned off. It usually runs non stop during the day because of the temperature outside. Thank you so much for everything!


Why Choose Green Energy of San Antonio For Energy-Efficient Home Improvement? 

Green Energy of San Antonio offers homeowners energy-saving home improvement solutions that lead to lower energy bills and a cooler, more comfortable living environment. Combining radiant barrier insulation and energy-efficient windows results in a home that is energy-efficient and eligible for federal tax breaks and credits. With over a decade of experience as the top provider of eco-friendly home improvement products in San Antonio and its surrounding areas, we understand what homeowners value — from safety to comfort and of course, cost savings. That's why we are dedicated to installing products that enable homeowners to keep more money in their pockets year-round with generally lower energy bills and during tax season due to breaks and credits. Make your home energy-efficient and reap the tax benefits and savings with Green Energy of San Antonio.

Green Energy of San Antonio recommends meeting with a tax professional to ensure the maximum tax rebate and/or credit from the installation of our energy-efficient home improvement products.

“Enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. That’s the GESA promise.”

- Richard Ramos, Owner

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Energy efficient homes in San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Green Energy of San Antonio illustrate how the credit limits of the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit operate? 

Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit limits are demonstrated by the following example:

A taxpayer purchases and has the following items installed in a single taxable year: two exterior doors at $1,000 each, windows and skylights at a total cost of $2,200, and a central air conditioner at $5,000, all of which meet the requirements for the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit.

  • Each door's cost of $1,000 is eligible for a credit of 30%, which is $300, but the per-door limit of $250 reduces the credit to $250 each. Therefore, the taxpayer can claim a credit of up to $500 for the doors.
  • The 30% credit for the taxpayer's $2,200 expenditure on windows and skylights is $660, but the overall limit of $600 applies, giving the taxpayer a credit of $600.
  • The central air conditioner's 30% credit is $1,500, but the per-item limit of $600 limits the taxpayer's credit to $600.

Mixing and matching the energy-efficient products you install in a given year allows you to maximize your eligible tax credits and breaks. It’s for this reason that Green Energy of San Antonio recommends meeting with a tax professional to learn how you can get the best possible tax rebate after installing our energy-efficient home improvement products. 

Learn more about energy-efficient home improvements and residential clean energy property credits here.

What type of energy-efficient products does Green Energy of San Antonio offer? 

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we proudly offer radiant barrier attic insulation and window replacement in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us online or give us a call to learn more about our energy-efficient home improvement products.