San Antonio Attic Insulation

Do you need new insulation in your San Antonio attic? Are your cooling and heating bills getting out of hand? We have solutions for you.

Green Energy of SA installs R-30 blown in insulation, eco-friendly alternative to batt insulation, as an affordable, environmentally conscious way to save money and insulate your attic.

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Our Attic Insulation Options

Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation is the latest in attic insulation technology. Installed right under the roof to the 2×8, the purpose of radiant barrier insulation is to reflect radiant energy which heats up the roof and makes its way into the attic and the rest of the home.  This is different from blown-in attic insulation, which can be considered the old way of insulating attics. Think about it this way. Much like a flip phone used to be the latest and greatest technology, smartphones have since moved into being the most efficient way of communicating and the latest and greatest communication technology to have. Similarly, blown-in insulation used to get the job done but now there is a new and improved way of doing insulation — and that is Radiant Barriers. Blown-in insulation only slows down heat transfer. Radiant barrier insulation reflects radiant energy, reflecting up to  97% less heat. 

Making the upgrade to radiant barrier attic insulation from blown-in insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year. Some studies show that radiant barriers can reduce the cost of cooling a home by up to 35% when used in a warm and sunny climate like San Antonio and the surrounding areas. 

Learn more about radiant barrier insulation online so we can help you make the switch from blown-in insulation to radiant barrier attic insulation today! 

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation (sometimes called blow in insulation) comes in bags and is loosely filled blotches of fiberglass that insulates your home. It largely resembles the lumps of cotton found inside pillows. It’s called blown-in insulation because it is most commonly blown into an attic through a special insulation blower, which has a long, wide hose that shoots the insulation through your attic like snow. There are three types of insulation options available for your attic: radiant barriers, blown-in insulation, and batt insulation.

Did you know that if your San Antonio attic isn’t properly insulated you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars every year? Let us check your insulation levels in your attic for FREE!

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Green Energy of San Antonio also offers attic ventilation solutions to make sure the airflow in your home is installed properly.

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What is insulation R-value?

R-value is determined by installing the number of bags per 1000 square feet to the desired height in inches when the insulation is settled and at the desired weight, determining the density. Green Energy of SA installs R-30 fiberglass blown insulation, which is 10.25 inches tall throughout your attic, with a weight of no less than .436 pounds per square foot.

The maximum that one bag can cover for R-30 insulation is no more than 65.4 square feet. Insulation is not sold by the inches, it’s sold by the amount of bags it takes to fill your attic up to the specified (R-30) R-value. Basically, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation. The R-30 insulation we use, for example, is better than R-19 insulation.

If a San Antonio insulation installer covers your attic with less than the minimum number of bags it needs, your attic will have a lower insulation R-value, which means you won’t get the same energy savings during the hot Texas summers. At Green Energy of San Antonio, we guarantee a quality job, with R-30 insulation properly installed in your attic.

AttiCat Expanding Blown-in Insulation R-30 is fiberglass insulation that does not absorb moisture, allow mold, and is non-corrosive. Check out detailed information on AttiCat insulation here.

Attic Insulation FAQs

Also known as blow in insulation, blown-in insulation typically comes in bags and is loosely filled with blotches of fiberglass that insulate your home. Its name comes from the fact that it is commonly blown into an attic through a special insulation blower.
Yes, in a sunny climate like San Antonio's, having attic insulation can help save you hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bills. If you're interested in having us check the insulation levels in your attic for free, contact Green Energy of San Antonio. We'll let you know whether your attic is properly insulated or provide you with a free estimate for replacing your existing insulation.
With attic insulation, your San Antonio home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. As such, homeowners can expect to save hundreds of dollars on electricity bills per year.

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