Green Energy Radiant Barrier™

Foil Insulation For Your San Antonio Home

Our Green Energy Radiant Barrier™ is a state-of-the-art insulation system that’s installed in the attic of your home. Copperflect Radiant Barrier is designed to save you up to 35% on monthly energy bills, as it makes your home more energy efficient!

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What is a Radiant Barrier? Watch the video to learn more!

Does Our Radiant Barrier Still Work 10 Years Later?

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

Designed to work on its own, or in conjunction with your existing insulation, the Copperflect Barrier is the only radiant barrier on the market with a lifetime warranty. In the San Antonio summer, as the sun beats down on the shingles of your roof causing hot air to radiate into your home, our Radiant Barrier will reflect that heat back up so that your home stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning. Don’t Replace your attic Insulation with standard San Antonio insulation.

Now, this same attic foil insulation technology is used to make your home more energy efficient. By acting as a radiant barrier, our copperflect barrier blocks the transfer of up to 95% of radiant heat. This way, in the winter, when heat rises to escape through your regular attic insulation, and it will also work with your existing insulation – or on its own – to reflect that heat back down into your home. This allows you to stay warmer and use less energy to heat your home.

Randy CarrollHear What Randy Carroll Has To Say
KJ97 – San Antonio
“This is an amazing radiant barrier that has made our house more comfortable, our AC system is not cycling as often, and of course we’re saving serious money on our electric bill!”

Joe PagsHear What Joe Pags Has To Say
WOAI – San Antonio
“I had Green Energy’s Radiant Barrier installed so I am harnessing the dual power of warmer winters and cooler summers with this amazing product that’s proven to drop your home energy costs.”

Cooler Summers,
Warmer Winters

It’s our motto, because our energy efficient products are designed to keep you comfortable year round.

Lifetime Warranty

The only radiant barrier on the market with a lifetime warranty!

Blocks Transfer Of Up To 95% Of Radiant Heat

In the summer, keep the heat from entering your home. In the winter, keep the heat in! A more efficient home 365 days a year!

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World’s Only Copper Radiant Barrier

Copper is more reflective than aluminum.

Pure copper starts off at 98% reflective whereas pure aluminum starts off at 97%. Aluminum, copper, silver and gold are the most heat reflective metals. Copper is more heat reflective than both aluminum and gold, so if you’re going to make a new radiant barrier more reflective, copper is the obvious choice.


Aluminum corrodes and oxidizes when exposed to water, or just high humidity.

After being tested for accelerated aging in a high heat and high humidity environment, the aluminum can totally oxidize and lose its reflective surface. It will look as if the aluminum isn’t even there. This is because aluminum oxide starts easily and spreads quickly. Copper does not react as aggressively as aluminum and is more stable over a longer period of time. Now, most radiant barriers apply a clear protective coating over the aluminum to protect it from corroding, but no coating is perfect.

When copper finally oxidizes, it is still highly reflective, unlike aluminum.

Our manufacturer ran pure aluminum and pure copper in an accelerated aging test. The aluminum started at 97% reflective and the copper started at 98% reflective. They found that after only 7 minutes in high heat and humidity the aluminum was totally oxidizes and non-reflective (just as bad as the plastic behind it). The copper, on the other hand, was still 95% reflective. However, our product will still be protected with a clear protective coating to prevent it from even losing those few percent.

The coating applied on the copper is so strong, it even prevents patina.

Our manufacturer developed a custom coating on the copper that ensures the high reflectivity of the copper and is so effective it will even prevent patina. The proprietary chemical coating is applied to the copper in a vacuum chamber – right after the copper has been coated onto the plastic. This coating is the first and only thing the copper sees to try to react with. The coating is thin enough not have any significant effect on the reflectivity of the copper, and penetrates deep enough into the copper to totally encapsulate it. This prevents the copper from reacting with anything else in the future.

Save Up To 35% on Energy Bills