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When Should You Replace Your Windows?

December 7, 2017

As a homeowner, renovations are either necessary or required depending on your home’s condition and your individual tastes and preferences. A common home renovation many homeowners decide to take on is to replace their windows. Windows not only contribute to aesthetics, but they’re responsible for keeping the elements out and the air in.Keep an eye out for these signs that might indicate that it’s time to replace some or all of the windows in your home.

Damaged or Broken Windows

The most obvious and common reason to replace windows is if they’re broken or damaged. Perhaps a baseball went through one or an event caused another to form a crack. A minor issue such as a piece of hardware or weather stripping might not warrant replacement, but more concerning issues include a broken frame or sash or with the glass itself. It’s often more cost-effective to purchase and install new windows since the old one will require to be repaired anyways.

Reduction in Energy Costs For Your Home

New windows are created to comply with Energy Star standards, with Green Energy of San Antonio's windows offering an incredible amount of savings for your home. They’re made to let in the light, but drafty windows can increase your heating costs by anywhere from 10 to 25 percent depending on weather conditions and how much air is being let in.New windows are also a hot selling point for when you decide to sell your home because new buyers are looking to save on their heating and cooling costs without taking any extra measures.

A New Look For Your Home

Windows are a small but prominent feature of your home. If you have old, worn out windows your home will look dated and significantly older than it really is. Good design is crucial for the longevity of a structure. Design should be carefully analyzed and should steer the direction of your window choice. You want something that complements the look you have and one you’re looking to reach by completing the renovation.While you’re taking the time to have your windows replaced it might be worth it to switch from a traditional window to an energy efficient window. Our windows are designed to reduce the amount of wasted energy that is common with wood paneling.Something as simple as replacing your windows can have a major impact on your home. You’ll experience an increased curb appeal, weatherization to prevent drafts, and give your home a new aesthetic appearance. Replacing your windows is something that you shouldn’t put off any longer because the sooner it is done the sooner you’ll begin to reap the benefits.Contact Green Energy of San Antonio today for more information about our window replacement services!