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What You Don't Know About Radiant Barrier and Energy Bills

February 18, 2015

What You Don't Know About Radiant Barrier and Energy Bills

If you've come to this website, the first thing that you saw was this graphic up above. This is an energy bill from a home that utilizes Radiant Barrier technology. As you can see, as soon as the insulation was installed, the amount paid per day for energy went down compared to last year.

You could save $3.60 a day.

That's one cup of coffee a day. With numbers that small, it's really easy to dismiss Radiant Barriers in San Antonio. So let's look at long term numbers. Those are bound to be better. So, just based on the yearly comparison of $3.60/day, let's blow that number up to one week.

For one week, you could save $25.20.

The numbers are a little better, but still relatively small. $25.20 will get you half a tank of gas (if you're lucky), two lunches when you go out at work, and seven cups of coffee. You still might be dismissing it, though. Why should you spend the money to re-invest in new insulation for your home?Let's blow it up to one month. For the purposes of having a round number, let's pick 30 days.

For 30 days, you could save $108.00.

That's much better money. Each month, your family could save $108.00. That might be money that can go towards a lot of groceries, unexpected doctors visits, cover an emergency day off, and also 30 cups of coffee. Suddenly, life is a little bit easier.Let's expand it even more.

You could save $1,314 a year.

That could be an entire house payment for a month, emergency car repairs, dental work, emergency room trips, and 365 cups of coffee.

Over 20 years? You could save $26,282.

By the time you want to retire or move to another home, you will have saved more than $26,000 on energy. This could be the help you need during retirement. This could be part of the emergency funds your kids would need when they go to college. This could be the trip to Europe that you'd always talked about, but never had the time for. And, most importantly, 7,304 cups of coffee.All of these life events can be affected by saving $3.60/day. And these numbers are subject to change as energy prices rise and fall. But, if you make the initial investment now to replace your insulation, your future will pay off in the long run.

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