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What Type of Window is Best For Your Living Room?

February 9, 2022

When it comes to replacing your windows for your San Antonio home, there are a wide variety of options—or styles—to choose from. Picture windows offer a wider view, allowing more light to stream in. Double-hung windows are great for those going for a classic look. And, finally, casement windows provide a modern aesthetic, while providing great ventilation.

In this short post, we’ll explore all your options for replacement windows in San Antonio so that you can determine the best type of window for your living room.

Picture Windows in San Antonio

San Antonio picture windows
San Antonio picture windows

Picture windows are the perfect way to maximize your outdoor viewing experience. Made with large, fixed panes and low profile frames, they’re the perfect way to let in more light and enhance the aesthetic of your home. Stationary as they are, picture windows can’t be opened or moved, but provide a stunning view—allowing you to take in the natural beauty around you. 

With wider frames, picture windows usually set in the middle of a room (sometimes with smaller windows at each side), which provide an unobstructed view, let in plenty of light, and make your home feel and look more spacious. They can also be combined with other windows—such as double-hung or casement windows—to create a unique configuration. 

Available in a variety of sizes, picture windows will look appealing in any room of your home. Whether installed in a living room, a kitchen, or a bedroom, they’re guaranteed to delight—by bringing in natural light from the outside in, and by showing off our outdoor scenery from without.

Double-Hung Replacement Windows in San Antonio

San Antonio double hung windows
San Antonio double hung windows

Double-hung replacement windows feature a vertical sliding sash design whereby panels slide vertically past one another in a single casement. This means that the bottom sash slides up and the top slides down–making for a one-of-a-kind window that’s both easy to use and great for ventilation. Moreover, since both window sashes can be tilted inwards, double-hung windows are also exceptionally easy to clean. And, since the sashes of double-hung windows bear some of the weight of the structure, the center of the windows themselves are extremely strong. This makes them both difficult to break and difficult to break into, as well. 

Double-hung windows are as classic as windows get—great for homeowners going for a more traditional look. You can choose yours from clay, tan or white. Go for windows that will compliment your living room to make it feel even more cozy or comfortable. 

Do you have 10-foot ceilings or higher? Oversized, double-hung windows are the perfect option for those who want to make the most of a heightened space, while allowing in more light. Or consider custom-arched double-hung windows for an exceptionally elegant look.

Casement Replacement Windows in San Antonio

San Antonio casement windows
San Antonio casement windows

Casement windows are hinged windows that crank open to the right or left. This makes them relatively easier to open than other styles of windows, without being any less weathertight. They’re also easy to clean, and are often a good choice for hard-to-reach areas since they can be opened with just one hand. Finally, because casement windows feature full-top or bottom ventilation, they provide more ventilation. In fact, the opened sash can often act as a kind of chute to help force more air into your home. 

Casement windows come in many sizes and styles, and have a uniquely modern look—perfect for contemporary living rooms—and can easily be grouped side-by-side to create a sleek aesthetic. 

Need some inspiration? Casement windows (combined with classic or contrasting grille patterns) can make a great statement piece—ideal for homeowners who regularly entertain guests. 

Get the Best Replacement Windows Available in San Antonio

Do you have windows in your living room that need replacing? 

Whether you use it as a sitting room for socializing, a front room for lounging, or play-space for the kids, our vast selection of San Antonio replacement windows will make it feel like home again. Our state of the art replacement windows are among the best on the market—made to ensure maximum performance, security, and safety, in a seamless, eco-friendly design. You can choose from a variety of window types (including those listed above) and select from an endless variety of colors, styles, and materials to create a custom look that’s perfect for your home. 

Contact us today to learn more about top-quality San Antonio replacement windows. 

Still undecided? Learn how replacing your living room windows can increase the value of your home.