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Types of Windows

September 17, 2015

Green Energy of San Antonio has seen a lot of windows in our time. If you have been looking into a window replacement to help your home, why not have a look through this list of windows? We want to help people save money on their energy bills and make sure their house looks stylish at the same time.


A fixed window is a stationary window built during a home's construction. Once it is installed, it cannot be moved to let in airflow. Make sure you want a fixed window before you install it.


A casement window is a window that opens horizontally with a crank. The operator of the crank rotates the crank until the window begins to open either outward or inward. This allows for airflow inside of the house.Casement windows are mechanically operated, so it is not a good idea to push the window open without use of the crank. Instead, use the crank to open the window to your liking. Misuse could badly damage the window.


An awning window opens vertically using a crank attachment. Awning windows are very similar to casement except that awnings open vertically only. They allow airflow by opening inwardly or outwardly up or down.Other than that, their construction is almost identical to the casement window. The airflow could be less intrusive with an awning window, so consider this before making your decision in window replacement.

Single Hung

A single hung window uses two panes of glass stacked almost on top of one another. The bottom pane of the window can go either in front of or behind the top pane, allowing for easy storage. The top pane, however, is completely stationary and cannot be moved.These types of windows are a great choice for home builders looking to start on their first house. The cost is low, but the versatility of the window is high.

Double Hung

A double hung window uses two panes of glass stacked almost on top of one another, both of which are movable. Much like the single pane window, the bottom pane can slide up and down. However, the top pane is also able to be moved up and down as well. This allows you to customize airflow around the house.Double hung windows are great, but can also be a bit pricey and hard to maintain. Persistent use of a double hung window could cause wear and tear on the frames of the window. Delicate use and upkeep should prevent any major problems.

Horizontal Sliding

A horizontal sliding window is a window of any size which can slide directly to its left or the right. The window does not open out and, instead, is fixed on a track located in a frame. Horizontal sliding windows can be single, double, or even triple paned, giving you the most options for your window configuration.The most common horizontal sliding window is better known as a sliding door. These are windows that are so large, they can be used as barriers for you to walk inside and out.


A skylight is a window in the ceiling. The window can be built on either a slant or at an angle parallel to the ground. Skylights can reduce energy by letting in natural sunlight instead of forcing you to use electric lighting. However, the sunlight can let in a lot of heat and energy, which is why some skylights are coated with heat resistant layers to prevent too much warmth from getting in.Skylights do not have to be stationary fixtures, either. Some skylights can be opened using cranks or automated systems where the window can open. This can be done manually or through a tool installed in a good location in your home.

Bay and Bow Windows

A bay or bow window is a fixture of three or more windows which jut out from the home at 30 or 45-degree angles, connecting to form a "bay" for you to look out of. Bay windows have been known to have up to five windows connected to create a vast panorama.Bay windows also depend on the architecture of the building more than any other type of window. Whereas other windows can be integrated into the structure naturally, bay windows must match the architecture by having the corresponding walls also at 10, 30, or 45-degree angles.