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Easy Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

January 7, 2015

Easy Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Although we’re quite fortunate with our winters in Texas (compared to other states), we still experience chilly temperatures around this time of year. Your home or office can be especially uncomfortable once the sun goes down, which happens quite early in winter. If you’re looking to stay warm without spending a fortune, check out our tips for conserving heat this season!

Insulate Properly

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but the truth is that not all insulation is created equal. Spray foam insulation may help keep you warm in winter, but it has no way of protecting your home from the radiant heat that warms up your attic in the summer. Radiant barrier technology covers both: in the summer it reflects heat back to the source, and in the winter it reflects the heat that rises to escape back down into your home. This provides you with cooler summers and warmer winters. Instead of worrying about how you’ll readjust your home to be comfortable each season, invest in more versatile insulation like radiant barrier. When heating and cooling costs make up nearly half of your utility bills, conserving energy throughout the year couldn’t be more crucial.

Open and Close Curtains at the Right Times

It may or may not come as a surprise that your curtains can play a huge role in strategically altering your home or office temperature. When the sun is out, your windows allow more radiant energy to enter rather than exit, so keeping curtains open during the day will allow you to utilize the natural heat from the sun. However, the opposite is true once the sun goes down. Have you ever touched a window pane at night? It’s usually freezing or even covered with frost. Even with your heat on, internal window temperatures can dip into the 40’s, and if you have furniture located near it, you’re likely to feel its effects. By closing your blinds and curtains at night, you add an extra layer of insulation, reduce drafts, and keep in more radiant heat.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Your thermostat doesn’t have to be running at the same temperature all day and night. If your thermostat is, you’re spending money on heat you’re not even enjoying. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that you can save 10 percent on your energy bill just by turning your thermostat down for 8 hours a day, like when you’re asleep or at work. If you reduce your heat during both of those periods of time, just think about the savings you’ll experience! You can either manually turn your thermostat down as you leave for the day or get ready for bed, or you can invest in a programmable thermostat that does this for you (some can even be controlled remotely from a smart phone or device) so you never forget.

Review Your Windows

A lot of heat and energy can be lost through old, drafty windows. In fact, an estimation by the DOE suggests that the cost of energy lost annually through our windows is over $35 billion. Maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures can be difficult in winter if your windows aren’t doing their job. Switching to energy efficient windows can not only keep you warm, but can save you money on heating costs. Green Energy Windows have the same look and feel as traditional windows, but you get much more for your dollar. They are specifically engineered to reduce drafts and conserve energy. Another bonus: they’re made of low-maintenance vinyl, so you no longer have to deal with sanding, repainting, or troubleshooting rotting window frames.If you’re looking to invest in replacement windows or make the switch to radiant barriers this winter, call Green Energy of San Antonio today. We’ll help your home stay comfortable, no matter what the weather forecast says!