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Snap Lock Gutters Vs. Traditional Gutters

May 10, 2013

Many people fail to think about their gutters until they have a problem. However, without quality gutters, many problems can quickly occur, such as pooling water, rotted fascia and more. The use of Snap Lock gutters offers homeowners a great way to prevent these common gutter problems. If it’s time to install gutters on a home or replace old ones, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of Snap Lock gutter installation.Here are a few of the great benefits of Snap Lock gutters to help you make this important decision:

The Absence of Holes

When comparing Snap Lock gutters to traditional ones, it’s important to note that traditional gutters end up with holes in them from fasteners like screws, spikes or nails. These are used to keep them attached to the home. The problem with these holes is that they eliminate the possibility of having a water tight seal. Holes in gutters can eventually introduce water to the wooden fascia, keeping the area wet for prolonged periods of time. With the constant wetness, rot can set in, eventually causes gutters to loosen and fall down. In contrast, no fasteners are needed for Snap Lock gutter installation, eliminating this problem.

Free Movement

When temperatures vary, gutters expand and contract. If fasteners are used, this constant movement can be problematic, causing them to loosen. Traditional options aren’t able to expand and contract the way they should, which can cause puckering and buckling. Snap Lock solves this problem without fasteners, allowing gutters to move freely when expansion and contraction occurs. Since gutters are able to expand and contract freely, endcap and corner seems aren’t stressed when movement occurs, keeping them from developing leaks over time and preventing any stress on your home.


Traditional gutters provide no ventilation behind them, which can cause condensation. Over time, condensation can cause black mold to grow, which can quickly begin rotting the fascia board. Snap Lock products actually offer ventilation behind gutter systems. This ventilation keeps condensation from developing and prevents problem with fascia board rot. Since rot is prevented by the ventilation, Snap Lock products last much longer than traditional ones.Snap Lock gutters are installed with special SnapLock Brackets and SnapLock Truss receivers, which allow them to snap right into place. When installed, a special gutter hanger is put into place, providing more support and keeping the spacing as it should be. Gutters are in no way attached to the fascia, keeping the fascia safe from water damage. The united system also provides stronger products that are able to hold a lot more weight. Not only does Snap Lock gutter installation offer the benefits of no holes, free movement and ventilation, but they look attractive as well, making them an excellent option for any homeowner!

If you have any more questions about Snap Lock and it’s incredible benefits versus the traditional gutters, please give us a call at: 210-310-3371.