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Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated

April 6, 2018

A properly insulated home is essential to ensure the comfort of your family and household at all times of the year. However, most households might be unaware that their home is under-insulated. Here are the most notable signs that your home is under-insulated and what you can do to ensure that your home is energy efficient.

High Energy Bills

The biggest sign that your home is under-insulated is an increase in your energy bill. By not properly insulating your home, your heating and cooling system has to use more energy to keep your home at a steady temperature. This in turn leads to a home that feels uncomfortable and has energy usage that spikes during the winter and summer months. This can easily be fixed by calling an insulation expert in San Antonio like Green Energy of SA to determine what products can help insulate your home.

Uneven Temperatures In Certain Rooms

There are a variety of factors that affect temperatures from room to room. This can include their location in comparison to the sun, the time of year, and of course, whether it's insulated or not. However, poor insulation is often the biggest factor in fluctuating temperatures.

If there is no insulation in the attic or in the walls, this can often cause the rooms to quickly absorb the temperature around it, leading to rooms that feel hot compared to other rooms in your home. Having radiant barriers in your home is the best way to reduce energy waste in your home. This in turn allows you to control the temperature better in areas around your home that might not be comfortable.

Cold or Hot Walls and Floors

Touching your walls, floors, and ceiling often reveals more about your home than you think. Under-insulated homes often have walls, floors, and ceilings that feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This means that the outside temperature is passing by the building materials used in your home, often increasing your energy bills and making your home feel less comfortable.

Drafts In Areas Around Your Home

As you go through your home in warm or cool months, take note of any noticeable drafts that can occur in your home. If there's a draft, there's a high possibility that there are open cracks in windows, doors, and entryways. This can leave an area feeling breezy and cool during colder months. Not to mention that on occasion this can lead to situations where your air conditioning system is not as effective.

In these situations, simply fixing or repairing cracks in walls might be enough. Windows might also have gaps or cracks that could be letting in drafts so it might be worth fixing the cracks or just replacing your windows to take care of any openings that allow air to enter or leave your home.

Keep Your Home Insulated

By becoming familiar with the signs of an under-insulated home, you will be able to know more about what's necessary to keep your home's temperature at a comfortable level. This allows you to find the right fixes for your home, save money on heating and cooling bills, and have an energy efficient home at all times.

Contact Green Energy of San Antonio today for more information about our radiant barriers, attic insulation, and other energy saving products.