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Save Money With Radiant Barrier

March 5, 2014

How Much Money Can You Save With Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barriers are installed in many homes for the purpose of reducing heat and saving on energy costs. But have you ever wondered how they work? And furthermore, have you wondered how much money can you actually save with radiant barriers? Green Energy radiant barriers in San Antonio are a type of thermal insulation that block heat transfer. Often installed in attic spaces, they provide a reflective surface between the exterior and interior of your home. They act as a defense system against the sun’s rays in summer, reflecting heat away from living spaces so you stay cool. The barriers are capable of reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat! But what makes them more interesting is that they are able to conserve heat as well. When temperatures drop in winter, the radiant barriers reflect the heat back into your home to keep you warm. Being able to reflect heat both into and away from your house allows you to give your heating/AC system a break, which lowers the numbers on your bills as well. With radiant barriers, you get the best of both worlds.Radiant barriers are most commonly installed between the roof and attic because the sun is likely to beat down on the surface of your roof and heat up your house. This makes them particularly beneficial for people living in hot, humid climates. As you’ll see in the infographic below, one test showed that the area between the attic ceiling and the barrier reached a sweltering 159 degrees Fahrenheit. But in the protected attic underneath, the temperature was only 89.4 degrees.Heating and cooling often accounts for over half of your utility bill. Saving on those expenses adds up. Because radiant barriers have such an immense impact on stabilizing your home’s temperature, you’re able to drastically reduce energy costs. San Antonio homeowners can save an estimated $1200 dollars per year on their bills--that’s an extra $100 in your pocket every month.We created this infographic to answer some of the most common questions we get asked about Green Energy radiant barriers. Take a look for yourself and learn more about how they can benefit your home. For the best San Antonio radiant barrier insulation, choose Green Energy of San Antonio.