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Report Shows Texans Love Going Green

September 2, 2014

As a company built on green solutions and energy efficiency, we were excited to read the findings of a new report by Choose Energy. The company’s report on Texas’s energy trends shows that when given the choice, many Texans are choosing green energy!The company reveals that nearly 40% of their Texas customers pick electricity plans that completely rely on green energy. This number is exponentially higher than the percentage of their customers who choose green energy in both Connecticut and New York, 10% and 5% respectively. In fact, Texans select 100% green plans more than any other state. Kerry Cooper, CEO of Choose Energy, states that residents of Texas are proud and empowered when opting for green solutions from recycling to using more energy efficient resources.Most people might be surprised upon hearing this, but we’re not. We’ve been in the San Antonio green energy/radiant barrier industry long enough to know that people in the Lone Star State are more than happy to embrace energy efficient solutions. Did you know that Texas actually produces the most green energy out of any state? Two leading reasons for choosing green energy here: it’s both abundant and inexpensive. Because of our mercilessly hot summers, we are actually in the top five states for overall energy consumption, so it’s a good thing that we are also a leader in energy efficiency!We’ve been wise to the environmental consciousness of our state’s residents for years, so we are glad that the rest of the country is now recognizing it too. For those unfamiliar with green energy, it can be an intimidating option to explore--but as you can see, it doesn’t have to be! We hope the information from the report will help other Texans feel comfortable adopting energy efficient solutions such as radiant barriers and replacement windows.If you live in the San Antonio area and want to learn more about how energy efficiency resources can be helpful to your home, contact Green Energy of San Antonio today at 210-310-3371!