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How To Protect Your Home From Hail

April 14, 2016

[Estimated read time: 2 minutes]In April 2015, San Antonio fell victim to some of the worst hail in years. According to Weather.com, hail as big as 3.5 inches and larger than a baseball was reported alongside heavy rain and winds.Vehicle windshields were broken and homes were damaged, with many needing window replacement as a result of hail breaking windows.So how can you keep your home safe from this weather? Here are four tips to prevent home damage during hail storms.

Window Shutters

They are a simple way to protect your home from the wind and keep hail at bay. To some people they might be an eyesore, but they cover your window and provide protection during high winds while preventing glass from breaking and causing injury.

French shutters

Stay away from windows and doors

This will ensure the safety of your family. Wind and hail could knock out windows or blow open doors causing considerable damage.An injury could result from broken glass and water could damage your property. In these cases, window replacement would be necessary.

Blast resistant storm windows

Landscaping your yard

This will prevent any loose branches from being picked up by wind that could break windows.Check for damage to the trunk or signs of decay, all of which could point to potential problems down the line. Pruning and landscaping will keep your tree free from any dead branches to avoid any issues with debris.Window replacement will not be needed if trees and loose branches are not an issue, so consider planting them a fair distance away. This will allow some distance between the two and prevent flying debris from striking your home.

Green Energy Windows

They are a perfect solution for those dreading hail storms. Repainting a window after a storm is a common occurrence due to weathering caused by storms and one many do not look forward to.The amount of heating will also increase thanks to the coldness that hail or wind can bring. With Green Energy Windows you’ll enjoy the heat retention benefits of wood without the maintenance. With these tips you will be able to rest easy in knowing that your home is well protected against Texas weather.

Broken window because of hail?

Contact Green Energy of San Antonio today and we’ll help bring your windows back to their former splendor with our window replacement services.