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How Do Green Energy Radiant Barriers Work?

May 11, 2013

Heating and cooling your home often accounts for over half of your utility bill*. You’ve heard great things about how much money Green Energy radiant barriers in San Antonio can save you in utility cost but you may still be wondering how do radiant barriers work? Today we’re going to give you a quick overview to understanding how heat enters your home and why Green Energy radiant barriers can be a great investment in lowering your utility bills.

How Radiant Energy Enters Your Home

As radiate energy strikes the roof, it heats the shingles and roofing materials. When the sun warms the roof, the heat travels by conduction into the attic. It then spreads to cooler attic surfaces and seeps into your home through your attic floor and air ducts. This transferred heat adds to the warmth in your home that your AC unit must remove from your home to keep it comfortable. The more your AC unit runs, the higher your bills climb.Why not give your air conditioner a break by preventing that radiant heat from entering your home in the first place with a Green Energy radiant barrier?

Keep the Heat Out, Keep Your Utilities Low!

A Green Energy radiant barrier is most effective when it is placed against the area where heat is striking. Most often they are installed in attic spaces. Green Energy radiant barriers can be designed to work independently, or in conjunction with your existing insulation.Placing a Green Energy radiant barrier in your home will become a major line of defense for the heat transferring through your roof. It can reflect up to 95% of the radiant heat from your attic! This will keep the temperature in your home at a much more comfortable level and give your air conditioning unit a rest. The goal is to prevent the heat from ever entering your home so your AC unit doesn’t have to turn on to remove it.

Cooler Summers AND Warmer Winters

The space age technology of radiant barriers was first developed by NASA to protect astronauts from hot AND cold temperatures. The incredible benefit of Green Energy radiant barriers is that they’ll pay for themselves year round – the savings don’t stop when the Texas heat retreats. In the winter, when heat in your home rises to escape through your attic, a Green Energy radiant barrier will reflect that heat back down into your home.No more cranking your furnace to compensate for the heat loss through your attic. Year round you can give your heating and cooling units a break as you make your home more efficient.Keep your home more comfortable, and lower your utility bills today with a Green Energy radiant barrier in San Antonio. Everyone could use a cooler summer and warmer winter!

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Image source: Kool Coat