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Do Energy Efficient Curtains Save Money?

July 29, 2019

With more homes being designed and built to be energy efficient, energy-efficient curtains have managed to gain the prominence they’ve been struggling to attain for years. These energy-saving curtains, as they are also referred to as, are designed in such a way that heat can’t penetrate them. This feature is as a result of a special lining sewed into the curtain fabric. The unique lining is made of a sponge-like material, which is a lousy conductor of heat.Meaning it won’t permit heat in or out of the house as long as the curtain is shut correctly. The latter explains why insulated curtains come highly recommended for both winter and summer seasons. During the winter, the insulated curtains will effectively prevent heat from escaping to the outside. The same curtains will block excessive heat from diffusing into the house during the broiling summer.


Can Insulated Curtains Save You Money?

The answer is yes, insulated curtains can and will save you money as long as you are using them correctly. Most homes and workplaces alike have air conditioners and heaters to keep the inside of the building either cold or warm, respectively. So if you have insulated curtains in your installed, you won’t need these machines running all the time. Moreover, when the devices aren’t running all the time, your utility bill lowers automatically.Insulated curtains achieve this by having a few superfluities that regular curtains don’t. For starters, energy-saving curtains have a reflective barrier. This barrier can either reflect light into the room or away from the place depending on where it’s coming from. The best energy efficient blackout curtains also have vapor barriers tasked with keeping the foam from absorbing atmospheric humidity. The high-density form is, to some extent, soundproof.The vapor barrier will, therefore, keep the sequestration intact despite the frequent climate changes. Finally, the outer layer of the insulating curtain is decorative in a bid to accentuate the beauty of your home or workplace. To be on the safe side, you’ll be required to purchase your insulated curtains from a reliable company with a reputation for making decent, long-lasting curtains.Besides selling you to the best energy efficient blackout curtains, reputable insulation curtain companies offer their products at affordable prices. That said, it’s always important to take as much time as you need to find the best insulation curtain company out there. Even better, you can invite one of their personnel’s over to your home or workplace for a quick recon. Doing so will allow the expert to find suitable energy efficient curtains for your house/workplace.



In as much as energy-efficient blackout curtains are ideal for insulating your home, you can’t rely on them to achieve 100% insulation. Other crucial factors have to be considered and addressed for your home, or workplace, to make maximum insulation. One of these factors may include replacing your regular windows with insulated ones. You’ll also have to invite the experts to inspect and protect your attic in case any loopholes need to be sealed.Ready to have your windows inspected and possibly replaced? Contact Green Energy of San Antonio today.