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Bug Proofing Your Windows

October 16, 2017

As essential as they are, windows can be a source of bug infestations in the greater San Antonio area. They live and thrive in the Hill Country. Even though it might seem as if there’s plenty of food and water outdoors, they’ll likely find your home even more hospitable, given half a chance.

The Problem with Old Windows

Unless you live in a tightly constructed home with no air leaks, chances are it’s not bug proof. Insects can slip through cracks as thin as a credit card into the home envelope, particularly around windows and exterior door frames. The screens may not fit the frame tightly or there may be holes that bugs can come through.Windows are particularly vulnerable areas because there are more windows than doors. When the windows are open, the insects can smell food and water inside your home. If they’re not after your food and water, they may be after a warm place to spend the winter.Anyone who suffers from indoor fly or mosquito infestations knows how irritating and unhealthy bug invasions can be. Worse, the dreaded striped bark scorpion found in the Hill Country can crawl through the tiniest cracks around the frames or panes.

The Solutions

Old windows are particularly vulnerable for bug invasions because the caulk around the frames has shrunk, the panes themselves fit loosely, or the screens have holes. Steps to making them bug proof include:

  • Sealing around the exterior window frames. Caulk works well for smaller cracks, butif they’re large, you may need to use expanding foam. You can apply caulk year-roundas long as the temperature is over 40 degrees.
  • Installing new weatherstripping inside the windows to tighten them inside theframes
  • Repairing window screens. Unless you have the tools and knowledge to put on newscreen material, you may want to have it done for you. Some home improvement centers will rescreen them for a fee, or you can hire a handyman.

If your current windows are old and require extensive work, consider replacing the windows. New windows provide a number of important benefits beyond bug proofing.

  • They cut energy losses through air leakage and if they’re thermal rated, stop heat loss and gain year-round.
  • Dual-pane, vacuum-sealed windows cut down on the amount of noise coming into or out of your home. They’ll increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell, since homebuyers rate energy efficiency as a critical feature of their next home.
  • New windows fit tightly into the exterior wall and inside the frames, which eliminate the threat of bug infestations. Energy efficient windows indicate how well they resist temperature change through the glass and frames, along with a rating for air infiltration rates. The rates for high efficiency windows is practically zero and make them completely bug proof.

To prevent bugs and make your home more environmentally friendly, call Green Energy of San Antonio today! For window replacement in San Antonio, trust the experts at Green Energy of San Antonio.