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Benefits of Insulating Your Attic

July 13, 2016

sunny and bright attic

As summer in Texas continues to heat up, start considering whether your home is fully prepared for high temperatures. In addition to a reliable air conditioning system, you will need attic insulation to keep your house comfortable.Learn more about the benefits of insulating your attic, and how it can save you energy today.

Insulation Keeps You Comfortable and Lowers Energy Use

Insulation makes your home more comfortable by blocking the sun's heat. A roof absorbs a lot of energy from direct sunlight, and without insulation, that energy gets transferred into your home in the form of heat.Adding insulation will prevent most of that heat from entering your house, which means you can stay comfortable without using a lot of electricity to cool the interior.Energy use is an important consideration for people who live in Texas. You'll find some of the country's highest summer temperatures throughout the state: Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are four of the country's hottest cities. Insulating your attic will help your air conditioner do its job without using more energy than necessary.

Attic Insulation Will Save You Money

Attic insulation prevents heat from penetrating your home and therefore cuts down on air conditioning. Good insulation can lower your electricity bill quite a bit during the hot summer months.According to Austin Energy, between 60 and 70 percent of home energy use in Austin goes to cooling. San Antonio and other nearby cities face similar climates that force them to use a lot of energy during summer. With proper insulation, you'll spend less than your neighbors.

Insulation Options That Work Well in Texas Homes

There are several products that promise to insulate your home from heat, and some of them work better than others. Common types of insulation include fiberglass rolls, polystyrene foam boards, and reflective barriers.Radiant barrier insulation, which is also called foil insulation, is a type of reflective barrier that works well in most Texas homes. Radiant barrier insulation reflects heat so it doesn't have a chance to enter your home.How you install foil insulation, however, plays a role in its effectiveness. Radiant barrier foil insulation must be installed correctly in order to ensure that you receive the best benefits while reducing the heat in your home.You'll receive the most benefits from radiant barrier insulation when you have it installed by professionals like those at Green Energy of San Antonio. Contact us today to get started!