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5 Tips on How to Clean Your Windows

December 4, 2015

1. Avoid spray bottles and rags

2. Use a scrubber to apply cleaning solution

3. Avoid too much foam

4. Use a squeegee and not a rag

5. Keep the surface wet at all times

1. Avoid Spray Bottles and Rags

When you use a rag to dry off wet windows, you leave behind small traces of moisture. This creates an uneven finish to the windows, with more areas that have water and solution.When moisture is left behind on a surface, some of it gets absorbed. This means the moisture left behind gets stuck in the actual windows.

2. Use a scrubber to apply cleaning solution

How do you apply solution without a towel and bottle? Use a window scrubber, which allows for thorough application without streaks.Keep a bucket of solution ready. When you want to clean your windows, dip the scrubber into the solution. Instead of applying the solution in heavy sprays, a thorough sweeping motion will let the solution sit on the surface evenly.Ideally, you want to get a microfiber scrubbing pad. They are affordable (many great models run around $10) and soft for handling. The bigger the fiber, the higher the chance of glass scratches.

3. Avoid too much foam

If you are creating a cleaning solution with water, you may be inclined to use a generous amount in a bucket. This could produce large amounts of foam.Too much foam on a window cleaner can leave soapy residue no matter how much you clean the area. This diminishes the cleanliness of your windows and leaves you with streaks.Use two small drops of cleaning solution when mixing with water. This should be good enough to cut through grease and grime while leaving you with a lasting shine.

4. Use a squeegee and not a rag

A squeegee is a water resistant bar that directs any water away from a surface and down. A window washer uses a squeegee by grabbing the handle and dragging it along the surface. This will wash any residual water off of the surface and lets gravity drag it down.The advantage of using a squeegee is the even distribution. Of course, there can still be user error that leaves streaks. If you are thorough, you will have a perfect shine that radiates through your window.Another benefit is the squeegee's portability. Some cleaning rigs require hose attachments to a water source. A squeegee is used by hand on any glass surface. You may need a ladder for hard to reach areas, but that's it.

5. Keep the surface wet at all times.

You cannot get the best results if your glass dries out. If you are still cleaning while drying out, you could do damage to your windows.If you have to wipe dirt or other debris from windows, a dry squeegee will only make things worse. Before you remove debris, apply a thin layer of cleaning solution from the scrubber. This wets the area down, but not too generously to leave streaks.Also, when applying the solution, move in an S pattern. Move your scrubber from the left edge of the window to the right. When you have reached the right edge, go one layer lower and then move the scrubber from the right side to the left. Repeat until you have reached the bottom layer.This allows an even application while eliminating dripping. Dripping can cause streaks on the window that can stay even after using a squeegee.

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