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4 Benefits of Using a Water Softener

March 20, 2020

Having clean water is crucial to remaining healthy. We drink eight to ten glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, we shower in it, and we use it to wash our dishes and our clothing. That's why a great water filtering system and water softener is important to keep your water supply free of contaminants and chemicals that may cause your family harm.

Better-Tasting Water

A water softener system will make the water your family uses for drinking a healthier product. City water may be loaded with chlorine used to sanitize public water systems. Well water can have a funky smell caused by animals making their way into the system. Old plumbing and high levels of metals can make the water supply have a poor taste. Having a water softener, however, will reduce the amount of chemicals in your water and provide cleaner, better-tasting water.

Healthier Looking Skin & Hair

You can also protect your skin and hair by using a Green Energy water softener. Pesticides, traces of leads, chlorine, and mineral contaminants are removed by the filtering system, leaving you with smoother skin and softer hair that is more manageable.

Longer Lifespan for Appliances

Water-based appliances, such as laundry machines, dishwashers, and even your water heater, are a natural place for water to build-up. With hard water, the minerals and contaminants in it can leave behind limescale deposits that may block your pipes and shorten the life of your appliances. With a water softener system in your home, your pipes and appliances will have a longer lifespan and save you money on repairs.

Cleaner Clothing

Hard water with sediments can ruin your beautiful clothes in the closet. High concentrates of minerals in your water can destroy the fibers in fabric and shorten the life of your clothing and linens. Installing a water softener will result in longer-lasting and cleaner clothes for you and your family.If you're ready to have cleaner water that is less irritable to you and your appliances, contact Green Energy of San Antonio to learn more about our home water softener systems.