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How Window Replacement Can Save You Money This Summer

May 6, 2014

How Window Replacement Can Save You Money This Summer

Saving Energy Through Windows In Summer

If you live in San Antonio, you know that we’re approaching the hottest months of the year, when temperatures are easily in the mid to high 90’s and occasionally climb into the triple digits. When weather conditions are so extreme, homeowners often see their energy bills hit extreme prices as well. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to save energy, save money, and stay cool in summer.

Having energy efficient windows is a simple change that can have a huge impact. Most homeowners are painfully aware of how much energy is lost through windows that are drafty, old, or poorly installed. Run down windows will leak out a great deal of your air conditioning, meaning you’ll be paying high energy prices and not even feeling comfortably cool while inside your home.Another way windows affect your home’s temperature is through their material. Steel and aluminum windows may be sturdy, but they’re rapid conductors of heat and can be a massive drain on energy. Wood paneling is typically very good at conserving energy, but the ongoing maintenance it requires can end up draining homeowners of most of their energy.Green Energy Windows are an easy, clear alternative with multiple benefits to help you save. Made of vinyl, they are both durable and energy efficient, giving you the best of both worlds. Another benefit is that apart from occasional washing, they require virtually no maintenance on the part of the homeowner. After installation, members of your household can simply relax and enjoy the advantages of green energy.For those who fear that window replacement will cost them too much money, keep in mind that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heat transfer through windows accounts for at least 10 to 25 percent of your heating and air conditioning costs. Green Energy Windows might seem like a costly investment at first, but you’ll likely end up saving more money in energy bills throughout the year.While switching up your windows will most likely produce the most notable changes for homeowners wanting to escape the heat, there are a few smaller alterations that can provide some relief from the summer climate. Closing window shutters, shades, and drapes will block out the sun and prevent it from warming up the rooms in your home. If a homeowner enjoys the natural sunlight, they can either invest in sheer drapes and honeycomb blinds (which will block some of the sun’s heat but keep the room bright) or decide to only block out windows when they are out for the day so they can return to a comfortable, air conditioned house.In the hot Texas summers, it can feel like the only option to keep cool is to crank up the air conditioning and just deal with the astronomical energy bills. However, what many people don’t realize is that their windows can play a big role in combating both these issues. By making a few simple changes to your home’s windows, you can beat the heat while remaining energy efficient.