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Does Replacing Windows Increase Home Value

December 22, 2021

It’s an age-old question that’s intrigued San Antonio home-owners since they’ve had windows to replace. And the honest answer is: of course it will. If you can sell your home with window replacement for more than it would be without replacing your windows, you’ve got yourself a good bargain. By how much depends on the replacement windows you choose to install, and the contractor you choose to install them with. 

In this post, read about the finer details of San Antonio window replacement and find out how you can install the absolute best windows to increase your home’s value. 

Replacement Windows in San Antonio: What You Need to Know

Window replacement—like any home improvement—is an investment. What you put in determines what you get out. When it comes to replacing your windows in San Antonio, there are a number of factors that can impact how much your new windows increase your home’s value. Keep these factors in mind when choosing San Antonio replacement windows for your home: 

Replacement Window Design

The different window materials used to make your window can impact the value of your San Antonio replacement windows. This includes the materials used to fabricate the window—whether it’s made from wood or vinyl, or whether it’s phthalate free—as well as the materials used to install it. Certain foams—used for the insulation around the window—are more eco-friendly than others, while different welds—the frame that holds the window together—vary in quality. We use fusion welding for durability.

Replacement Window Performance

Another factor to consider is the performance of your replacement windows. The coating that goes on each window, as well as the gas used to fill it—can affect both how resistant your windows are to unwanted outside heat, as well as how much noise that can be heard from the outside. These factors can also impact the value of your investment, since greater energy-efficiency and better sound-reduction can increase the value of your home. 

Replacement Window Security

Security is an important factor to consider when determining the value of replacing your San Antonio windows. This can be influenced by a number of design elements—such as whether the bottom sash connects to the frame when closed—or the strength of the center of the window. Other considerations, such as the durability of the cam-locks, and its “design pressure rating”—which measures the strength of the materials the window is built from—can also impact security. Finally, windows with weather-stripping can prevent the growth of mold or mildew, as well as shield your home from dust and other allergens—making it safer, and increasing its value. 

Where to Find The Best Replacement Windows in San Antonio, TX

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we work hard to deliver only the best products for our customers. That’s why we take all of the aforementioned factors into account when designing and constructing our top-quality replacement windows. 

Quality Craftsmanship & Design

Green Energy replacement windows are designed using the very best materials, including SunShield PVC, a vinyl extrusion that’s used in our frames and sashes, that’s enhanced with titanium dioxide to shelter your home from harmful UV rays. It’s also phthalate-free—ensuring they’ll never emit any toxic off-gasses that could be harmful to your health. 

Our windows also utilize EcoClean foam, a bio-friendly injection foam that provides greater thermal performance and energy efficiency than traditional foams. Finally, all Green Energy windows utilize fusion-linked welds—made from a unique heating process that literally bonds the joints together—making them nearly unbreakable by design.

Watch a short video that demonstrates the superiority of our window design. 

Top-tier Performance

Green Energy replacement windows perform better than most other replacement windows on the market. Our 3/4” dual glazed insulated glass utilizes triple coating, as well as a high-density argon gas fill, to exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements for Southern and South-Central climate zones. This means they will keep heat in the winter, and keep heat out in the summer—saving you up to 35% on your utility bill. 

For homeowners concerned about noise pollution, you can also upgrade to our Serenity Sound Control package—a replacement window performance enhancement that can dramatically improve their soundproofing—making for a quieter home. 

Watch a short video that demonstrates the dramatic difference our replacement windows have on noise cancellation. 

Superb Security

We keep security top of mind when constructing our customer’s replacement windows. That’s why we use Frontlink STS and Fortress MR Interlocks on all of our windows—these upgrades keep moisture, wind, and intruders outside, while preventing exterior access. We also utilize GateKeeper Camlocks that clasp our window’s sashes together, and only install windows with at least a 35 design pressure rating—to ensure superior strength and longevity. Finally, our windows use anti-microbial triple weather-stripping, shielding your home from mold, dust, and allergens.

Upgrade Your Home’s Value Today

When it comes to picking and choosing replacement windows for your home, it’s important to keep all of the aforementioned factors in mind. By choosing windows made from the finest materials, and constructed and installed using the very best practices, your new windows can do much more than enhance your home’s curb appeal. They can also upgrade the energy efficiency, safety, and value of your home, while making it more comfortable to be in, for everyone. 

Ready to upgrade the value of your home? 

Contact us today to get a free estimate for your San Antonio window replacement, or check out our financing calculator to see how much you can save with new windows.