How to Measure Windows for Replacement

The Correct Way to Measure Your Home Windows

If you’re planning on replacing your windows at home, the first step is measuring your windows. When ordering new windows online, measuring accurately is of particular importance. Rushing through any of the steps for measuring your windows can cause major setbacks and cost you more money on your energy bill. Be sure to take your time, and adhere to the tips below.

General Tips on How to Measure Windows

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Accuracy is key, not only for proper fit but to maximize energy savings
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Make all measurements from the inside of your home
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Use a level to ensure your window is square before making your measurements

How to Measure Windows in 3 Easy Steps

Measure Your Window’s Width

Measure the horizontal distance from the inside of one side jamb (the side of the frame) to the other. If you have a wooden frame that you believe may be warped, repeat this measurement three times: once at the top, once in the middle, and once at the bottom. Record the shortest measurement of the three.

Measure Your Window’s Height

Measure your window from the top of the frame to the window sill. As with the width, if you have a warped wooden frame, do this three times: once on the left side of the window, once in the middle, and once on the right side. Record the smallest measurement. Remember to always list the width of your dimensions before the height.

Calculate Your Window’s United Inches

Converting to united inches makes it easier to get estimates. United inches, different from square inches, are used in the window industry to ensure window frames are correctly priced. Calculating them is easy. Simply add together your window’s width and height. For example, a width of 30” and a height of 50” would be 80 united inches.

Green Energy Can Help you Measure and Replace Your Windows

At Green Energy, we’re always looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient. Windows are one of the top sources of energy loss in nearly any home. Our Green Energy Windows are engineered to maximize energy performance during any season. However, they offer more features than that…

Green Energy Windows Features:

Easy to Use

Wood windows expand and contract with the weather. This often makes them difficult to open. In contrast, our vinyl windows are expertly-designed for easy operation.


Our high-quality vinyl won’t pit, peel, or flake. It stands up to harsh weather, be it blazing heat, heavy rainfall, or even hail, year after year.

Easy Upkeep

Wood windows need to be sanded, repaired, and repainted regularly. With Green Energy Windows, just an occasional washing keeps them clean and beautiful, like new.

Aesthetic Appeal

Green Energy Windows are available in a variety of beautiful styles, perfect for any home. They instantly add to your home’s allure. At the same time, they make it more energy efficient.

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