Home Improvement with Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy of SA has a solution for all your home improvement needs. Improve your home with simple upgrades that can add long-term value.

Add Long Term Value to Your Home

Whether you’re in your forever home, are readying your house for resale, or just looking to improve your house, making your home more energy efficient is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make. With Green Energy of SA, going green and adding value to your house goes hand in hand.

Our expert services utilize space age technology to future-proof your home. Our Green Energy Windows are backed by a lifetime guarantee, including from window breaks.

Many older and newly built homes neglect the windows for cost optimization reasons. Thin single pane glass is used to cheaply add windows to a home, but they’re easy to break, and even easier to allow heat to seep into homes. Additionally while traditional windows are made of wood, Green Energy Windows use high quality vinyl, which allows for the same energy efficiency as wood, but are more durable and require much less maintenance. The result is less work to maintain your windows, and higher home value.

A well insulated home is a key factor in appraisals for your home in central Texas, due to the sweltering summers. By improving your insulation with radiant barriers, the insulation benefits won’t just lower your utility bills, but they’ll increase the value of your house as well.

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Other Benefits

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Save Money on Utility Bills

Green Energy of San Antonio’s energy-efficient home services allows San Antonio homeowners to save considerable money on their energy bills each year. By making it easier to keep your home temperatures controlled, you can enjoy big savings when it’s time to pay the bills.

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Going green can help reduce your carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy solutions. Find comfort in a more eco-friendly home that’s also more energy efficient.

Our San Antonio Energy Saving Services

Cooler Summers, Warmer Winters with

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Blown-in insulation used to be the most efficient way to insulate an attic. Today, making the switch to radiant barrier attic insulation from blown-in insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year. Learn more about the new and improved way of doing insulation below.

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Save up to 35% each year your energy bills
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Increase the value of your home
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Improve performance of air conditioning & heating systems

Lower Your Energy Bills With

Window Replacement

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, reduce noise pollution within the home, or simply give old and dated windows a facelift, Green Energy Of San Antonio is here for you with our energy-efficient window replacement services.

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Save up to 35% each year your energy bills
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Increase the value of your home
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Improve performance of air conditioning & heating systems
Attic ventilation in San Antonio
Eliminate Attic Humidity & Must

Attic Ventilation

With improved attic ventilation, your attic will be free of excess heat and moisture. Extend the life of your roofing, prevent mold growth, and keep your home cooler with a new attic ventilation system from Green Energy of San Antonio.

Attic insulation in San Antonio
Blown-in R-30 Inulation Only

Attic Insulation

Blown-in attic insulation is an affordable way to save money on cooling and heating bills. Keep your home’s temperature and energy usage low, and annual savings high with improved attic insulation from Green Energy of San Antonio.

Tub to shower conversion in San Antonio
5-day Custom Insulation

Shower Conversion

At Green Energy of San Antonio, our luxe safe showers are made of real, high-quality stone, installed piece by piece to give you the custom bathroom of your dreams. Improve the safety and style of your bathroom with our tub to shower conversions.

water softener in San Antonio
Better Water for Your Family & Appliances

Water Softeners

Most water in the San Antonio area contains hard minerals, like calcium and magnesium. With water softener solutions from Green Energy of San Antonio, you can rid your water of these pesky minerals using the latest and most energy-efficient technology around.