Learn More About Tub To Shower Conversion in San Antonio, TX 

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we offer top tier tub to shower conversions. We don’t use pre-made kits or cheap materials, like fiberglass, acrylic, or plastic, that can be installed in a single day. Instead, you’ll receive one of our signature Green Energy Luxe Safety Showers. Made with only the highest quality stone and high-end porcelain tiles, our Luxe Safety Showers can help prevent slips that might occur with plastic or fiberglass materials. Customers can choose from dozens of stone options and hundreds of porcelain tiles that will be installed piece by piece to create a custom result. Beautiful glass doors with your hardware of choice will enclose your shower conversion, keeping water in and further preventing dangerous slips. When you hire our conversion specialists in San Antonio, you’ll receive the time, care, and precision that’s vital to creating your dream shower!

If you’re ready to add value to your home by converting your tub to a shower, contact Green Energy of San Antonio. Our conversion experts are ready and available to provide you with a free estimate and a design plan for your new Luxe Safety Shower. We have a wide selection of stone options, porcelain tiles, and patterns ready for you to choose from. By using quality materials, your shower will not only last longer, it will feature safe, non-slip floors and beauty that is unsurpassed, so contact us today for a free quote!

Features Of Our Tub To Shower Conversions

When it comes to tub to shower conversions in San Antonio, TX, no other provider offers as many features and additions as Green Energy of San Antonio. When we convert your tub to a shower, we can customize your new shower any way you’d like. From grab rails to benches, no matter what you’re looking for, Green Energy of San Antonio will make it happen. Check out some of the features offered with our San Antonio tub to shower conversion services below:

• Low Entry Threshold: With a shower instead of a high tub wall, it’s simple to step into and out of the shower, also making it further accessible for those in wheelchairs.
• Sturdy & Durable Grab Bars: At Green Energy of San Antonio, we offer sturdy and durable grab bars that allow you to keep your balance and last for years to come.
• Shower Benches & Chairs: Whether you need it for health reasons, or you just like to shower in comfort, our shower benches and chairs are a great addition to any shower.
• Slip-Resistant Floors: Slip-resistant flooring in the shower is a must-have for those that are older, or live with those that are older. Rest easy knowing that you’re safe and secure in the shower with Green Energy of San Antonio.

What We Do

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5-Day Custom Installation
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Real, Quality Stone
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High-End Porcelain Tile

What We Don't Do

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No Pre-Made Kits
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No Plastic
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No Fiberglass

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Transform Your Bathroom

Tub to shower conversion in San Antonio

Our Process


In-Home Consultation

Schedule a free estimate with Green Energy of SA. Our shower conversion specialists will inspect your bathroom and take the time to learn more about what your dream shower looks like. With this information, we’ll then create a design plan and provide you with a free estimate and financing options for your conversion project.


Measure & Choose Materials

Once you’ve received your estimate and agreed to the conversion, we’ll take accurate measurements of your bathroom and have you choose the materials that will be used. Homeowners can choose from dozens of high-end stone options and hundreds of different porcelain tile colors and combinations.



After materials have been selected, our design specialists will begin converting your tub to a shower! Installation may take up to 5 days, as our Green Energy Luxe Safe Showers are made with stones and porcelain tiles that are added piece by piece to provide a custom, one of a kind result!

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Looking for a professional company that renders extraordinary quality products with superb service? Looking for a company that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them? Look no further! Trust Green Energy of San Antonio! You’ll be glad you did!”

-Steve Cardenas
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“Green Energy provided me with top notch sales and inventory. Punctuality, consistency and no surprises. Doing business with Green Energy and the Ramos Family was effortless. Honesty was at the top of the list!”

-George Castaneñeda

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to convert my shower?

Our conversion specialists take pride in building custom, high quality showers. That's why our installation can take up to 5 days. Our specialists will install each stone and tile piece by piece by hand, rather than use cheap, plastic kits that could be installed in less than a day.

How do I plan my shower conversion project?

When you hire Green Energy of San Antonio for your tub to shower conversion project, you don't have to worry about planning. Our conversion specialists will take care of the measurements and provide you with design plans to choose from based on what you like. All you have to do is choose the stone, porcelain tile, and pattern you want, and we'll take care of ordering the materials and installing your new shower within 5 days.

How do I pick the perfect flooring for my new shower?

At Green Energy of San Antonio, we don't use cheap materials like acrylic or plastic, both of which can be slippery. Instead, we use high quality stone for our bathroom flooring. This ensures your shower is not only stylish, but safe and non-slip.

How much do shower conversions cost?

At Green Energy of San Antonio, a custom Luxe Safety Shower can range from $12,000 to $14,000. For a more accurate cost, schedule a free consultation to receive a free estimate.

Is financing available?

Yes. We understand that converting your tub to a shower can be a major investment that will increase the value of your home. That's why we proudly offer financing through GreenSky®. Visit our Financing page for more information on financing a project with a GreenSky® loan.

What is the ROI for a tub to shower conversion?

The return on investment for bathroom remodels and upgrades can vary across the country. According to Zillow, a midrange bathroom renovation can yield a 70.1% ROI. For an upscale bathroom remodel that includes shower niches and new finishes, the national average ROI is 56.2%.