Energy Efficient Windows That Save You Money!

It is our aim to truly make your home a Green Energy home!  Maintaining a comfortable home environment is difficult if you don’t have the right materials. Here at Green Energy of SA, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to help your home remain efficient, at the same time reducing the cost of living. It’s no secret to homeowners that windows are a significant source of energy loss in the home, that’s why we are proud to offer a solution with the Green Energy Window, designed, developed, and engineered exclusively for Green Energy of SA.

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Watch The Green Energy Window Keep Your Home Comfortable During Any Season

Why Choose the Green Energy Window?

The Green Energy Window is made of the highest quality vinyl, and the benefits of vinyl windows have been demonstrated time and again. With our vinyl windows, you get the energy efficiency of wood, but without the ongoing maintenance wood requires. More durable, in fact, than wood, vinyl windows do not require sanding and painting, they will not rot, pit, peel, or flake, and occasional washing keeps them looking new. And in addition to these maintenance benefits, you get the only non-wood material with energy efficiency comparable to wood.

The high-quality vinyl is not the only distinguishing feature of the Green Energy Window. We have glass packages available to fit any climate zone that meet ENERGY STAR criteria. With insulating glass units that feature advanced Low E technology and Argon gas fill and durable spacer systems, each window conserves energy and reduces your energy costs.

Ask us for more details about the glass options available to get the most energy savings for your home.

All of these features are packaged into easy-to-operate, beautifully stylish windows. Green Energy of SA also offers an unlimited lifetime warranty on your windows, including screens and glass breakage. We provide 6-month exact price quotes, and you don’t have to face sales pressure or pricing games. We understand that replacing the windows in your home is a big decision.

Types of Windows


The Green Energy Window

  • Single strength glass
  • Fusion welded frame and sashes
  • Narrow frame for more glass exposure
  • 11 contact points of weather stripping and bulb seals
  • 1/2” stainless steel constant force balance *never needs adjustment
  • 3/4” energy star glass package
  • Extruded aluminum full screens


The Green Energy Window

  • Single strength glass.
  • Fusion welded frame and sashes.
  • Contoured exterior frame.
  • 15 contact points of weather stripping and bulb seals.
  • 3/4” stainless steel constant force balance *never needs adjustment
  • 3/4” energy star glass package.
  • Extruded aluminum full screens.

Noteworthy features of the Green Energy Window

Professional Grade Construction
The frame and panel on Prism Garden Doors are heated to over 500 degrees then fusion-welded into a one-piece design for one-piece strength, rigidity and weather resistance.

A Choice of Styles
The Platinum Door (sliding) and Garden Door (swing) along with the Ultra Gold Patio Door with larger sight lines, are available in the Prism line. Simonton Patio Doors glide effortlessly on oversized, corrosion-resistant rollers. Garden Doors feature an aluminum, continuous fixed geared hinge that eliminates panel sag and provides a weathertight seal.

Classic Appearance
Prism Patio Doors offer the convenience of knockdown field assembly and the look of classic wood joints while maintaining the strength and beauty of welded panels.

Thermally Efficient
Prism doors feature a profile chambered with many small pockets of air, which provide greater strength and help improve thermal efficiency by acting as a barrier to outside air.

Tempered Glass
All I.G. units in Prism by Simonton doors feature fought, tempered glass. Unlike ordinary glass that simply shatters and breaks into large fragments when struck with force, tempered glass breaks into very small rounded pieces for added safety.

Energy Savings
Between the proven energy efficiency of vinyl and our top-of-the-line Low E glass with Argon gas fill, there is absolutely no question that you will see a difference in your energy bills right from the start.

Other Features

Easy to Use
While wood windows expand and contract with the weather to the point that they are often difficult to open, our vinyl windows are expertly-designed for easy operation.

There’s no need to worry about our high-quality vinyl. It won’t pit, peel, or flake, and it stands up to harsh weather year after year.

Easy Upkeep
Unlike wood, you won’t have to sand, repair, and repaint Green Energy Windows regularly. The occasional washing keeps them clean and beautiful, like new.

Home Upgrade
Green Energy Windows are available in a variety of beautiful styles, perfect for any home. Add instant curb appeal while adding energy efficiency–both of which improve the value of your home!

graph showing how energy is lost with different window materials

Our Window Replacement Service Areas Include: Universal City, Boerne, Canyon Lake, Cibolo, Kerrville, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Schertz, Seguin, Wimberly and more. Contact us today to see if we service your area!

map showing how much an Energy Star window can save you in different regions of the eastern US

Save Up To 35% on Energy Bills